Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bathroom Part 1

So just a little reminder of what the bathroom looked like before:

01-02-10 004[1]

So the plan for the bathroom re-do is this:

1.  Install exhaust fan to help with moisture issue

2.  Fix ceiling from said moisture problem

3.  Add electrical outlet

4.  Change wall color

5.  Install new vanity

6.  Find a fun/dramatic shower curtain

7.  Finish it off with some accessories

There were few items on the list we felt like it would be best to call the professionals in on.  So we called in an electrician and a painter.




We started to fix the ceiling ourselves a while back with no real success.  So it was time for us to call in someone that could do it in a timely manner with sure success!

So now it was time to remove the old sink and install the new…


Ok that’s all we’re showing today…

Stay tuned for Part Duex!!

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