Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Off to the Depot

You know in most DIYer’s lingo when they refer to “The Depot” normally they’re referring to Home Depot but at our house when Joe says he’s going to “The Depot” it’s Restaurant Depot. 

Now this is not a store for the weary!  It’s filled with all kinds of fun stuff!  There are great deals to be had but it’s in major BULK!  Beyond Sam’s Club bulk.  Serving for 100+ people bulk. It’s mainly for the food service industry and you must have a business license even to shop around.  But that’s not to be said that aren’t some fun things for the average Joe either!  I always enjoy going with Joe so I can wonder the aisles and brainstorm for future events.  The perks of being married to a chef!  (and girls there are MANY!)


Look at all the goodness:  trays, cutting boards, cake servers, spatulas, chaffing dishes, mixing bowls, colanders and


cake pans, muffin tins, bread pans


Check out these pizza peels…  How cool would these be to do “something” with!


tart pans, cookie cutters, ramekins, scoops



Bread baskets – serving pieces, flat bottomed spoons **side note – wouldn’t it be great to have a dozen of these for one bite appetizers!!**  pouring spouts, jiggers everything to set up your bar in style!


Plates, bowls, barware, votive holders.  And this list goes on and on!  Remember those cool boxes Joe got us for the Cookie swap – this is where he found them!

So we haven’t it even made it to the food sections and that’s the majority of this place.  There’s a whole “refrigerator” side that I don’t like to venture in without a winter parka – so sorry no shots from there.  But check out the Beverage aisle:


Cocktail mixes, flavored syrups – you could be your own barista!


almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts


How fun a little chef jacket for your next dinner party??  How does the saying go, “look the part to be the part!”  I’m loving the lime green color. 

While I was playing around Joe was actually shopping for the restaurant.  This was our load from that trip – that’s a lot of STUFF!  All for the Lodge – nothing for us!  But a fun little errand none the less!


Do you have any different kind of shops you go to?  Are you a smidge jealous that you can’t just swing into this “Depot” any time you want…  Hey if you’re nice I’ll take you some time!


  1. That does look like a lot of fun! Anything you could ever need for the kitchen, yes please!

  2. I promise I'll be nice! Looks like some serious fun!


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