Saturday, December 15, 2012

The start of the beginning

As you know we’ve had a lot on our plates recently.  Being preggers…  Moving…  Having a sweet baby boy.  Just a few things to focus on.  We’ve been in the new house almost 4 months now.  I know I haven’t done the best job of sharing pictures of the new place.  But I thought I’d start today.

Thankfully the house was fairly neutral so we have been able to bring in our things and pretty much make things “work" for the time being.  Truthfully that’s been a life-saver considering we haven’t had the time or the energy for a full overhaul.  Actually some friends just stopped by to see the new babe and the new house yesterday and couldn’t get over how “neutral” everything is.  Especially considering how they know I love color!  Example here & here

We have painted two rooms so far in the new house.  The nursery and the kitchen.  The original color of the nursery was pink and I don’t think Isaac would have been ok with a pink nursery so that was a necessity.  And the other room is the kitchen.  This was also some what of a necessity.  You see, there was a border.  I couldn’t handle the border.  So it needed to come down and when we removed it, the wall color wasn’t under it. I actually used the same color in both rooms.  Yes the nursery and the kitchen.  I do love the color!  It’s Benjamin Moore’s Pashmina.  A perfect combination of grey and taupe.  

Fullscreen capture 12152012 44325 PM.bmp

Ok, so how about some pictures!  So we’ll start with the “before”:


So many great things…  Stainless appliances – Gas stove (Joe ♥s this!)


Granite countertops – lots of counter space – nice deep sink


Large kitchen for cooking up all kinds of yummy treats!

Do you see the border?  Let me zoom in for ya a little…

photo 2


My sweet friend Rhonda was here helping me paint the nursery when we decided we should also tackle taking down the border.  She gave me the easier task of the long wall while she took on the cabinet walls.  A challenge to say the least – awkward reaching and back bending work.  Did I say how sweet of a friend she is?!?! 

photo 3

Then a little painting and we have a room in progress…




Along with painting we changed out the light above the sink…

DSC_0800      DSC_0799 

There is still much to do.  There is so much room in the center of the kitchen that it is just screaming for an island.  I want to add some cabinetry that will give additional storage along with a countertop overhang for an “eat – in” option.  That will also allow us to hang our pot rack over the island.  We will change out the remainder of the lighting as well when we add the island.  We are using a small table for now so we get used to having something in the center of the space.

The cabinets are not may favorite finish so I’m not sure if we will paint them down the road or try this re-finish option.  I love when the island is a different finish than the perimeter cabinets but the verdict on all that is still out.  Of course I am pinning away ideas over on Pinterest.

So that’s the progress on the kitchen.  I will be sharing more spaces soon!

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