Monday, January 26, 2009

A "little" rearrange

Well I have gotten the itch again to change up some things in the house. We live in a 1950's three bedroom ranch. The bedrooms are similar in size and a few years ago I decided I would rather have a den than an office so we switched our guest room to the office. And made the old guest bedroom a den. I have loved having 2 separate living spaces but wanted to change some things up, again. So last weekend I recruited my sweet sweet husband in rearranging some rooms. Not just moving around furniture in the rooms but switching rooms up! We moved the den furniture to the living room - the living room furniture to the Master Bedroom and the Master bedroom to the den. I am loving the new den (previous Master Bedroom.) I love the wall color with the sofa, rug etc. Thankfully that room is good just like it is.

But unfortunately the living room and office are going to have to be re-painted. I am in the midst of selecting new paint colors and will hopefully be painting this weekend!!! Here is what I am thinking for the living room...

The fabric behind the paint swatches is the sofa color.

These are the options for the Master Bedroom

Any favorites???


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see it in person. My favorite paint sample is the one top right.

  2. Oh and for the bedroom I like the middle one.


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