Saturday, January 17, 2009

Homemade Pasta

Joe and I have not found a whole wheat pasta that we love. So... Joe thought he would make his own using white whole wheat flour by King Arthur. (This is some cool stuff!!)

To start use 1 1/2 cups of flour. Make a well and break 3 eggs in the center.

Begin to incorporate the eggs with the flour. Continue to do so until you can start kneading the pasta. If it is too sticky add some flour. You should be able to clean the surface with the ball of pasta. Now kneed the pasta for atleast five minutes.

Separate ball into 2 pieces. Work half into a pancake flat shape. Now it's time to start working it through the pasta machine. Keep running through the machine until you have worked up to the #5 setting.

Now you just choose what kind of pasta you would like. Spaghetti... Linguini.... Ravioli...

Attach the appropriate attachment and get to cutting. We chose linginui.

Homemade pasta is going to cook a lot faster than dried pasta. You will want to liberally salt the water because we didn't put any salt in the actual pasta. Joe made a yummy shrimp, country ham, and brussels sprout mixture to go with our pasta. It was delish! Pictures for preparation of that follow:
Render country ham and saute onions in "drippings"

Once onions are good add in chopped brussels sprouts and let them wilt. Remove everything from pot. (At this point you can start boiling your pasta.) Use the same large pot that you've been using - there's lots of yummy flavor we don't want to miss! Saute' shrimp until they are almost done; return your brussels sprout mixer to the pot. Add some lemon juice, chicken stock, and ground black pepper (no salt needed because of our country ham). Add your pasta in and toss. Garnish with some freshly grated parmesan. And viola yummy healthy pasta dish!!

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