Friday, January 16, 2009

Atleast the tailgate was good...

As most of the world knows, there was an UGLY Panther game last weekend. And when I say ugly, I really mean embarrasing! But moving past that... We had a great tailgate! Our plan this time was for everyone to bring their own ribs and we would grill them on site.

Joe brined his ribs for a couple hours and then covered them with a rub (his friend brought back from Memphis TN) and smoked them on the grill for a couple of hours. Jonathan had marinated his in an Apple BBQ Sauce. They were tangy and the background apple flavor was really YUMMY!! We also had some guys come in from the coast and they brought fresh oysters. We steamed them and ate 'em up!

Jonathan also got a new game! It's called Ladder Golf and it's fun!! I want one for the house, Joe was an ol' natural! He won the first three games in a row. So you throw the balls to try and hit the rings of the ladder. 1st ring is 1 point - 2nd ring 2 pts and 3 ring 3 points. First one to hit 21 points on the head WINS!

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