Monday, January 7, 2013

Real life Pinterest

As you probably know…  I ♥ Pinterest.  I’ve told you about multiple different things I have pinned.  But I haven’t shared any actual pins that came to reality recently… So today we share!

Exhibit A.

Fullscreen capture 152013 102045 AM.bmp

Idea from Chiot’s Run

Our version:

DSC_1674     DSC_1675


Exhibit B:

Fullscreen capture 152013 102443 AM.bmp

Martha Stewart’s Christmas card display

DSC_1177     DSC_1184

And ours…  I took this photo before the majority of our cards came in.  I loved the way it looked when it was full of our loved ones.


Exhibit C:

Fullscreen capture 152013 102536 AM.bmp

Better Homes & Garden beautiful front door


I also pinned lots of ideas for gifts for the Holiday season.  I made a goodie basket for the neighbors from recipes I found on Pinterest.

Fullscreen capture 152013 102129 AM.bmp      Fullscreen capture 152013 102321 AM.bmp

Links to sources click on picture


These cookies were delicious!!  I highly recommend them!  They are little nuggets of nutty goodness.  In the instructions it states that they are good for 3 days which is true… so eat up and enjoy right away!

photo 4

And some other Christmas present ideas…

Fullscreen capture 152013 102147 AM.bmp

The Lemoncello is still steeping away – but coming along nicely!  The ornaments were a little more tricky than I thought they would be.  The earrings were a big hit and fairly easy to produce, a good “busy work” project.

photo 1 (1)    photo 3

Have you been pinning?  What projects has it led you to complete?  Would love to see!

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