Saturday, February 23, 2013

3 months


We’ve had a really good month.  Every day gets more fun and Isaac’s personality is starting to come out.  I went back to work and Isaac has started daycare.  We are adjusting.  I had so many people praying for me and supporting me on my first day back.  So thank you!  I even got 3 flower deliveries!!  Some of the prettiest flowers I have ever received!


Little man has been doing well.  I think he’s still figuring out his sleeping schedule with the addition of daycare.  He isn’t napping as much as I think he needs, but we’ll get there.  Some of the news things he is doing this month:

Recognizing Mom and Dad
Starting to giggle
Likes baths
”talking” a lot more – actually chatting back and forth with coo’s
Follows you with his eyes when you leave the room
Making our hearts melt!

And of course some out takes:

DSC_2293    DSC_2317DSC_2331DSC_2321

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