Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baby Must Haves

I really enjoyed reading other blog posts about what items Mommies could not live without, so I thought I would put my two cents in as well.  We are inching toward the 3 month mark so that’s as far as my knowledge extends.

So in no particular order here they are:


Motorola Digital Baby Monitor

Love this thing!  There are nicer versions of the video monitor out there but this one does what you need.  Good picture – good reception.  The screen portion is rechargeable so you can leave it plugged in at night but unplug to take with you as well.  The battery life is good.



Summer Swaddle Me Blanket

We have had such good luck with swaddling.  I know for some babies it works great and not so much for others.  Isaac flails his arms when he asleep so when he isn’t swaddled he wakes himself up.  I can’t say he loves the swaddle at first but a little rocking and swaying and kid is OUT.  AKA music to parent’s ears!  We started with some smalls and went out purchased the medium when he out grew the first ones.  Take note: do not put these in the dryer.  They shrink!!


Fisher Price Swing

Isaac loves to swing.  And swinging = good napping and mama love that!  We got ours at a church consignment sale for a fraction of the price of a new one.  So the $35 we spent was totally worth it!  I can’t say the same for the little vibrating seat we got (also at the consignment sale).  It doesn’t move enough for Isaac’s taste – a little too boring for him.  But the $15 I spent on it wasn’t a huge loss.


Munckin Drying Rack

This bessie gets used A LOT.  So far we are mostly hand washing the bottles because Little Bit goes through them like hot cakes and we don’t run the dishwasher often enough.  I like the ease of this drying set along with it not taking up too much counter space.

photo (2)

Sound Machine

I had been looking online for a sound machine but couldn’t find one that I liked.  So a week or so before Isaac was due, Julie and I headed to the Nester’s yard sale up in Huntersville.  (btw – the place was a mad house! But we did find some fun items!)  While in the LONG line to check out I happen to see this sound machine sitting there for $2.00.  I snatched it up and knew if it didn’t work perfectly or wasn’t the correct kind of sounds I wasn’t in the whole too bad.  Little did I know that this would be one of the best things we had for Isaac.  The “night train” setting sounds just like the womb sound.  Best $2 spent EVAH!!



Isaac loves to be rocked and when you combine that with his sound machine it’s a unbeatable combination to get that baby sleeping.  This was my Aunt’s chair that we had recovered and we love having it in the nursery.  The fabric was a gift from a friend + a free hand me down chair = a really good deal.  We only had to pay for the re-upholstery and Sugar Hill Upholstery did that.  They do a great job!

Here’s a before of the chair:

photo (3)

Love the way it turned out!


I had the upholsterer straighten up the lines on the back cushion and leave off the buttons.  I updated the chair very nicely!  I love the idea of rocker that doesn’t slowly move across the room and it doesn’t look like a typical glider.

I know things will change as he gets older but so far these items have made our life easier.  What items are on your must haves?  Anything I’m missing that I should have? 

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