Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Boy is 1

Can you believe it?!?!  It has been such an amazing year.  Every day is more and more fun.  More and more personality shows.  More and more love grows.  He’s just such an amazing boy.  He’s always been a happy baby.  Truly such a blessing… that I acknowledge every day!  We had an awesome birthday party with lots of loved ones.  Unfortunately I do not have pictures of said event.  My SD card has broken (just the very edge) and all birthday pics are on that card.  I am hoping to find a camera shop to help.  Mimi has a good many pictures so I am hoping she’ll send them my way.  (Hint. Hint.)

But we do have some pictures to share from our 1 year photo shoot by the lovely Sabrina Grady

Such a cutie patootie!  These shots were taken at the end of our Christmas card shoot, so he was getting done.  But still that smile still shined out! 


**you should probably know that I am actually getting this posted when he’s 15 months old.  I’m running a bit behind.  Lots of running after a toddler doesn’t leave a lot of blogging time**

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