Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In the closet

When we first moved into this house I was so excited to have an actual WALK-IN closet.  In our last house, we had clothes in almost all the closets spread out here and there.  But now we actually have everything in our room! 

Beware – I am sharing some pretty serious before pics.  The actual space was nice.  But it wasn’t working that great for us at first. 

DSC_1702      DSC_1703 



So we completely emptied the space and painted the walls for a nice good fresh start.

DSC_1709    DSC_1714DSC_1710

After we had painted everything, we reconfigured the shelving to make it more useful for our needs.  Joe didn’t need as much long hanging space so we stacked the two shelves on the back wall for all of his shirts and pants.



And then it was time to load it back up…



DSC_3906         DSC_3912


Ahhhh…  so much better!!  This new layout also allowed me to have a little jewelry area.  Last year at the Nester’s Big Sale we picked up a super cute piece of furniture that’s perfect for organizing all my babbles.


I love all the drawers!  We lined all the drawers with felt and I have it all organized: earrings gold then silver – bracelets, etc.  I ♥ organizing.

DSC_3916  DSC_3917

Then I used some hooks from Hobby Lobby for all my necklaces.  I love having everything organized so I can see what my options are.  I do such a better job of mixing up my accessories if I can see what I have, i.e. not forgetting what I do have.

DSC_3903  DSC_3902  DSC_3905


I hung a small mirror so I could check out my bling.  I also use a porcelain egg crate for my every day earrings for easy access.


The last little addition I made was adding a Lurton motion sensor light switchKatie and Emily had told me about how great they were and I kept finding the light left on so I thought this would be a great solution.  It was super easy to install!  I did it all by myself – in a slightly dark room since I turned off the power like a smart little girl.


So needless to say, I am happy to stay in the closet and play with my jewels.  Oh wait that didn’t sound right. TTFN.

Cost breakdown:
Paint:  FREE (mixed 2 random taupe's together)
Shelving:  1 new shelf and bracket system  $35 and used existing
Jewelry Cabinet:  $40
Hooks:  $22 Hobby Lobby
Light switch:  $20

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