Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We celebrated our first Halloween with Little man - a.k.a Little Aviator yesterday.  We ventured over to some of our close friends home to enjoy the festivities.  They do it up for Halloween and we thought Isaac would enjoy seeing all the kiddies out and about!

Our costume was super easy!  Especially since I only found one piece of it and Aunt Mark took care of the rest.  Have I mentioned recently that our family rocks?!?!

I found the hat that started the whole aviator theme on Groopdealz.  A super fun site that has daily deals and a boutique to shop from.  Kelly from Foodie Fresh first introduced me to the site.  They have all kinds of fun stuff:  jewelry, clothes, kiddie stuff and much more!  Check 'er out!

Then Aunt Mark found this perfect jacket at a yard sale and happened to have a cute wing patch in her stash of "You never know when you may need something but better have it just in case".  Yes I love accessing this stash.  We call it The Store.  Except typically you don't have to pay for your purchases.  A sweet Isaac hug was all we had to pay for this beauty!

We had a blast hanging at Tracie and Roland's.  Ms Trace made a yummy dinner of brains and bloody sauce (aka spaghetti) and Isaac stayed out past bedtime for the first time since he was a wee little baby.  
He was a trooper!  

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