Monday, April 21, 2014

Dining, Done!



I would have never guessed how slow progress on DIY projects would be with a little one.  Looking back over the progress pictures I had to go back all the way to August!!  Now granted this has been completed for a little while, I’ve just neglected to get around to telling you about it.  So I know it’s been a long time for me and you probably don’t even remember what it looked like before or what the plan was.

So a quick reminder:


Screen Captures

The first project at hand was to pull up the carpet.  It was stained and icky feeling.  I didn’t love the idea of wall to wall carpet in my dining room and I wanted to be able to put down an area rug.  What we thought would be pretty straight forward and fast ended up being more of a project.  Duh… isn’t that always the way!  The carpet was easy to remove, it was the nail strips that were a bear!  When they nail them into concrete its not a simple task to remove.  Then you leave divots everywhere a nail used to be, so we had to then patch the concrete. 

We decided to paint the walls next so we wouldn’t have to worry about splatter on the floors.  As you may remember from the plan, I wanted to do some simple board and batten.  So we painted the upper section in that gorgeous Templeton Grey from Benjamin Moore and the lower section in semi gloss “white” from Sherwin Williams.

2013-09-08 17.17.08

After the walls were painted then the fun started.  I researched some different options for nail guns and found a good one recommended by YHL from Sears.  I also used their “how-to” for the B&B.  I am happy to say I did it all myself (and I kind of really enjoyed it!) 

2013-09-14 11.20.51


I used the 1x3 for the chair rail and the lattice boards for the vertical boards.  (tip:  find the pre-primed lattice boards – saves MUCHO time!)

Next onto the floors.  One day we plan on putting hardwoods throughout the main areas of the house but for now we did a quick fix of painting the concrete with porch floor paint.  We went with Sherwin Williams in Urbane Bronze.  I really am happy with how the floors turned out.  (tip:  this takes a LONG time to cure, so be patient and don’t put any furniture back for days!)

2013-10-20 15.42.512013-10-20 15.43.04

Once the floors were finished, we could start loading in the pretty things!  Window Treatments went right back up, but wow did they look different in the updated space!


dinrm1  2013-10-22 21.22.17-1

It doesn’t even look like the same room!

Next was the light…  do you remember the lovely ceiling fan before…  um no thanks.  We used the Large Wire Globe from Shades of Light, YHL collection.  Such a deal people!  $89.00!!  Plus you can use their discount code and get 10% off.  I love the reflection on the ceiling of the globe. 

2013-11-02 19.47.11

It was finally time to load the space and add the pretties!  Rug check.


I knew I wanted to add some contemporary art to the space to mix up the traditional lines of the board and batten.  So I got to work on a canvas and just had some fun with bright splashes of colors.  I love the punch that it gives the space.


I took the existing console table I had and added a burlap skirt and using my only tool = hot glue gun.  Yep hemmed it and attached it with hot glue.  That stuff rocks!


Here’s what it looked like before the skirt:



I am very happy with the outcome of this LONG project!  It feels like home when I come in this space and I enjoy sitting in the wing chairs reading or chatting on the phone.  It’s a nice little getaway space.


Some detail shots:



The next project is the hall bath…  hopefully this won’t take quite as long.  I’ve already got the cabinet painted so I should have an update for you at least by 2015.  I kid, I joke.


  1. I loved it in person and I love it online. :D Girl you got skills!!!

  2. Love the new dining room look! Looks straight out of House Beautiful or Homes & Gardens. Love it!


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