Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookie Swappin’

I am having a cookie swap this weekend and I am really looking forward to having some friends and family over!  But now I have to figure out what kind of cookie to make.  Mom is bringing her signature sugar cookies and my Aunt Mark is bringing Aunt Pine’s Gingersnaps that I A•D•O•R•E.

12-21-09 021[1]

Do you remember me making them last year for a cookie swap?  So YUMMY!  So that takes both family fav’s out of the mix.  So I say let’s try something NEW & DIFFERENT!! 

So here are a few ideas:

l_R090583[1]Chocolaty Caramel Thumbprints


Toffee Squares – not technically a cookie but pretty sure no one would care they look pretty tasty!!


Chocolate Chips turned crispy nuttiness – sounds interesting

hazelnut cookies 017[1]

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Brandy Snaps – if I was really being adventurous!

So which one looks good to you?  Who thinks I’m super crazy for making a new recipe for a cookie swap – yep that’s me – I like to live on the edge!


  1. Oh, try the Brandy snaps. I have always wanted to try them and just have never "made" myself do it. Plus, I would love to bring a couple of dozen of those home

  2. LOL you can totally handle it!! Speaking of cookies if y'all get the chance you should come in to Georges to see the gingerbread house that Brandon made, it's amazing!!! We have a Sunday brunch and Monday thru Friday we have a bar happy hour menu that's has some great appetizer options!!
    I have a few cookie recipes if you want some more suggestions :)

  3. Since I have a cookie exchange this weekend too, I read the recipes with the idea of making 10 dozen in my head. No way would I do the brandy snaps. I'd be a wreck. The chocolaty caramels get my vote for a swap. The toffee squares, I'd just want to eat them all!

  4. Chocolaty caramels get my vote too! Very pretty and sure to be DEE-licious! Yum! Can you set aside a few?? ;O) Pweez?

  5. I have so many bookmarked cookie recipes that I don't even know where to begin! I would try the brandy snaps though, they look so pretty and different.


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