Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boston Wrap-up

Easter morning was a beautiful day in Boston – the rain had moved out and the sun was shining!  It turned out to be 20 degrees warmer on Sunday than we got to Boston on Friday – how’s a girl supposed to pack for such things?  After church in downtown Boston, we headed out to Cambridge for brunch @ Craigie on Main.


I had read multiple reviews on this spot.  The Food Network voted it the best breakfast in Massachusetts.  Boston Magazine voted their brunch “One Perfect Meal” in April 2011.  So we were pretty stoked about heading here for Easter brunch.  Friday afternoon they called to confirm our reservation and to inform us that they would have a pre-fixe menu.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t know about the pre-set menu until then.  But we probably wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else.  So onto the good stuff…


a little Bloody Mary to start…


And then came this delectable tray of goodies:


Cranberry turnovers, sweet potato bread, cinnamon rolls and some of those amazing house made doughnuts!  They really know how to make a girl happy!

Next up:  Fruit salad with crème fraiche


Entrée:  House-cured Ham hash with slow poached egg


Grilled Rabbit Crepinettes – yes Joe ate Rabbit on Easter – slightly wrong I know.


Side of pork belly – yes please!


Desserts:  Sour milk panna cotta and house made Beignets = WOW!


What an amazing meal.  Service was superb.  The food was excellent.  A highlight of the trip for sure!

After brunch we headed out a little further to Harvard and tried our best to soak up some smarts.  Don’t think it happened, but can’t blame a girl for trying!

That evening we headed to Myers + Chang for a little Asian fusion.  We were blown away by this place.  A fun fresh funky spot! Loved all the different options. This was the one time when I wish we would have had a big group of our friends so we could have tried more items. Our favorite would have been the muscles - they were AMAZING! Didn't love the pork tacos (I only chose these because I had read so many good reviews about them.) but everything else we couldn't get enough of! The portions were pretty large – I wish there was a 1/2 portion option.  There were so many other items we wanted to try but just didn't have enough room. The mussels were some of the best I have ever had. 


I was so busy slopping up the broth of the muscles that I didn’t take any pictures of the food.  Sorry kids.  Can you tell we liked this place?

Monday, our last day in the Beantown was spent mostly on the North end.  I had read so many different reviews about Regina Pizzeria and Galleria Umberto’s and couldn’t decide which one to settle on… so we picked BOTH!  Yes get ready for carb overload coming peeps…


Margherita Pizza from Regina Pizzeria

a thinner crust pizza - medium sweetness to the sauce – light cheese = REALLY good pizza


Then on to Galleria Umberto’s.  This is a little different spot.  They have everything in the case and you choose what you want.  The prices here are CRAZY cheap.  $1.45 a slice!!  The pizza is more deep dish-esque.  Much sweeter sauce and think ooey gooey cheese.  REALLY REALLY good pizza.


The challenge is you really can’t compare these two.  They’re very different. It just depends on what you look for in a pizza – if you like thinner crust then go to Regina’s and if you like thicker pizza go with Umberto’s.  Or you can just make the smart choice – go to both. Because they both are  REALLY good.  I really think I am saying really too much in this post.  But what can I say they were just REALLY good. 

As if we had not had enough carbs – a MUST stop in the North end is an Italian bakery.  The two fav’s are Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry.  We went with Mike’s – I wasn’t strong enough to do a tour of pastry shops after the tour of pizza joints.



We tried an assortment – chocolate calzone, a black & white, and one fruit tart.  All we could muster up was a couple of bites and took the rest with us for later at the airport.

And here ends our whirlwind tour of Boston and stuffing ourselves with as much goodness as we possible could!  Boston was an amazing city.  We saw beautiful sites, enjoyed some great history and may have enjoyed just a bite or two of food.  Overall a wonderful long weekend away!

So have you been to Boston?  Have you been to any of the restaurants that we went to?  Did we miss one of your favorite spots?  Do tell!

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