Saturday, May 7, 2011

Italian in Boston


Saturday evening the rain had finally lifted and it had turned out to be a lovely night.  We took a five minute stroll from our hotel to dinner at Erbaluce.  A charming restaurant nestled between large buildings – you felt like you were entering a secret location.  The décor was crisp and simple – mostly whites with very little artwork.  The food shining through as the main attraction.

IMAG0333     IMAG0334

The menu was in a hand written font which I thought was perfect feel for the restaurant.  It was “fine dining” without stuffiness. The chef would run food from the kitchen and then stop by a table for a visit.  All very laid back and homey!


We started off with a bottle of wine: Castello di Luxxane- Carlino Oltrep Pavese and moved on to the food.

Appetizer – San Danielle Prosciutto with hazelnuts and pears.  Delicate. Delicious. Simplistic.


Entrees:  Rack of Boar with wild Concord grape and lavender mosto / Lasagnetta with a procini sauce, foraged mushrooms and marjoram – AHHH mazing!


We had decided we wanted to walk over to Finale Desserts and Bakery to finish off our evening but how sweet was Erbaluce to deliver some sinfully rich truffles with the check.  It’s a sneaky little way to sweeten you before you see the damage!  Totally worked.


Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed by Finale…  nothing to write home about.  We should have gotten something off the amazing dessert menu back at Erbaluce.


I know y’all are probably done reading about all the food we ate in Boston.  The weekend recap is half over – promise.  Just a few more spots to tell you about.  I think we may have saved the best for last – no wait there was the Lobster Roll @ Neptune’s.  Well needless to say there are still more yummy treats to tell you about.

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