Friday, May 13, 2011

Senior Portraits

I had the pleasure of taking some pictures last week of my good friend Rhonda’s son.  He’s graduating this coming month from high school.  Have y’all seen what the professionals are doing these days for senior portraits?  It’s not like when I was young – wow now that really does make me sound old.  I remember when I had mine done – we went to a photography studio and we had 3 different backgrounds with my three different outifts – looking like a dork.  If I had a scanner I would share those with you – but lucky for me I don’t.  These days it’s all about getting outside and using your surroundings for interesting backgrounds.  We had a good time finding some fun spots to take pictures.  Check out some of my favorites.


DSC_7176      DSC_7159



I would love to have Photoshop for editing but can’t seem to make that “investment” – i.e. I’m too cheap!  So I use Picasa for editing and have recently started using Picnik as well.  Picnik offers some really good options that Picasa does not.  I went ahead and tried the upgraded version.  Check out some of the pictures after editing in Picnik:







Some good ones, huh?!?  That was fun…  Who wants to be my next subject???

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  1. These are GREAT!! OMGosh I cant believe hes so grown up! He will cherish these classic photos in years to come! Great team! dear, could really have a second career- great eye for all kinds of things!


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