Wednesday, January 4, 2012

“Welcome” E-Z breezy!

If you didn’t read about our Christmas Craft Challenge we did this year, hop over and catch up!  So the first craft I want to share is the “Welcome” sign I made for my Aunt.
This is the picture she pinned on her Christmas Craft Board
I looked around to see if I could find a good deal on a frame to use for this craft but just couldn’t find one that was quite right.  And then I was at Michael’s picking up some crafty supplies and came upon a plaque for $1 and said – YES Ma’am!
So I found a font that I liked and printed it off in size 100.  I used a transfer method of using a pencil.  First I flipped the paper over and traced the wording with my pencil.  Then I flipped the paper back over and taped it to my plaque.  And used my pencil to transfer the graphite from the back onto to the plaque.  You just apply a nice amount of pressure going over the letters.
IMAG0740_thumb     IMAG0738_thumb
And this is what you end up with:
Then I took my fine tip Sharpie and just filled in the pencil.
I made a couple felt flowers using Emily’s  Which was super easy by the way!  I made a few more for another project, we’ll talk about soon!  They turned out super cute and need to make some more for pins.
So I just hot glued some flowers and TA DA – A uber sweet “WELCOME” sign! 

Whatcha think??  Pretty E-Z breezy, huh?!?


  1. Awesome! Where is the finished product all together? I can't wait to see the picture!

  2. hmmm... good question Nichole! Where did the picture go?!?!? I'll fix it! ;-)

  3. looks great. i want to see the finished product!


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