Monday, January 9, 2012

Tile Coasters & Pendant

For the last 2 crafts we made for the Christmas Craft Challenge, we had these 2 crafts left to make:



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First up is the necklace.

SUPPLIES:  2” washer – natural leather cording – magnetic closure – scrapbook paper – modge podge – foam brush (all purchased @ Michael’s Craft Store)


I had already purchased the cording (I used it for our Merry Christmas sign)

Step 1:  Cut out your scrapbook paper using the washer for a guide.  You want to cut a smidge smaller than the actual washer.  Modge podge paper to washer 3-4 coats.  Letting it each coat dry 20-30 minutes before adding the next.  Let cure overnight.


Step 2:  Using your cording cut to desired length.  Tie a slip knot around the washer.  Then tie a square knot at the top to make sure it’s secure and not going to loosen.


Step 3:  Attach the magnetic closure by threading cording through eye holes and tying square knots to secure.  Trim ends.


And done!


Tile Coasters – these are great because you can do a holiday theme, a monogram, or even just a pretty pattern.  If you choose to a monogram – print them out from your computer and cut your paper to fit.  Same concept as using a napkin or scrapbook paper.

Supplies:  4x4 white tiles – cute napkins – modge podge – foam brush – cork – liquid nails – exacto knife – clear acrylic sealer

Step 1:  Separate front of napkin from back – making the paper less bulky.  Apply modge podge to tile the place napkin on tile.  Applying a layer of modge podge to the top of the napkin.  Repeat 3-4 times allowing each coat to dry between.

DSC_0138    DSC_0140

Step 2:  Once you have your desired finish.  Apply sealer in a well ventilated area – i.e. outside!  Let dry. 


Step 3:  Cut cork to fit the tiles.  Apply LiquidNails generously and attach to tile.  Allow to dry – and done!


Pretty easy and super sweet presents!  Let me know if you try any of these – would love to see your finished products!

Now that I’ve shared what we made, next up I will be sharing ALL the many crafts I received!  They out did themselves!! 

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