Thursday, January 21, 2010

El bano

Here's the most used room in the house. Our bathroom is a small space. Our hope is to do some changes in here this year. Oh the lovely to do list - it's never going to be done, is it?? We haven't made many changes in here other than cosmetic ones.

So the before...

And the after...

We changed out the lighting, painted and added some fluff. But that's about it. Amazing what a little paint can do, huh?

We did very inexpensive frames (like $3.99 each!) and displayed some photos I took in Charleston SC one year.

I love our monogram towels - that was a gift from my Aunt Mark. She made them on her sewing machine just using a thick stitch. Pretty easy breezy and super cute!

A little shelf from IKEA - the back piece was originally white and I painted it the same as the wall color so it would blend away. It's nice to have a small shelf to provide a home for a little lamp. Cool clock, huh? Gift again - from my friend Cindy. Lurve it!

So we are just in the planning stage of what the re-vamp plan will be for this space. I found some bargains the other day at Marshall's that may find a home in here.... decision decisions. I would love to do a major redo like Sherry and John did, but I don't know if we'll be that brave!

Any bathrooms that you just love? Would love any ideas, suggestions, etc. you may have!

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  1. Crazy, but I don't remember it looking that way at all!!!! You guys have done a great job!


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