Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Recap

This has been my first year of blogging and it's been a lot of fun keeping up with different projects, cooking experiments, and crafty explorations. With our blogiversary coming up on the 3rd, I thought it would be a good time to recap what we've done this year.

We started with a "Little Re-arrange" in January. I have to say I am loving the move and we have really enjoyed having the den in a bigger room.

A little knitting project for my Godchild. Turned out super cute!!

It took a little more effort to get the Master Bedroom updated after the re-arrange. I have some ideas for a few more projects in here this year... More to come on that later! Also don't forget about the great wall art my Aunt did here.

Loving the new color in the living room!

Our first attempt at a garden. We definitely have more to learn, but it was a great experience and produced some yummy veggies!

A fun little project borrowed from the girls @ Bab's Blog

A summer refresh on the front porch. We've loved using this space! Check out me and Ellie enjoying breakfast one morning.

Well that gets us through half the year. We'll finish out the rest of the year tomorrow!

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