Saturday, December 26, 2009

I wish upon a...

boxwood star. Ok that does sound a little funny. But I have to say it's pretty cute! And super simple with little to no cost!

First take a wire hanger and shape into a star

Cut some boxwood

Take floral wire and attach boxwood to star. Keep going until all the way around.

yes that *may* be a beer in the background - what?? I don't know a better party than a CRAFT party!!

You can hang them on the wall - on a chair - from the mantle - even outside for great decorations... The possibilities are endless!


  1. That is too stinkin' cute! Loved your Santa collection too.

  2. Totally clever! I'm going to mark this one down to make for next year! Or even for the spring, using some nice flowers or other new buds. Thanks for the inspiration!


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