Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tree Trimming Party

Shannon, a friend of mine had a "Tree-Trimming" Party this past weekend. Can I just say what a fun idea!! Why you ask... Because...

1. A great way to motivate you to get your house decorated early on (I always love a gathering to get some things done around the house!!)
B. A great reason to have the pals over
III. Outcome = beautiful Christmas tree!

We had a little craft session before the party so she would have some new ornaments to hang. This was major FUN! Shannon picked up clear glass ball ornaments and paper/cardboard ornaments (round, star & heart shapes). We used all kinds of things for decorating the ornaments. Tissue paper, scrapbook paper, glitter, buttons, ribbons and more! Shannon has an awesome craft room. Every idea we came up with she pulled it out from her stash!!

Here's our work area - yes that is a snack in the middle of the table... What?? We had to keep up our stamina! :-)
So here's what we created... What do you think???

Scrapbook paper + stickers + felt= Pure joy!!

This guy was just not finishing out quite like I wanted it to. And then all the sudden Shannon came up with the idea of putting in a fabric bag - GENIUS!

Decoupage tissue paper with accent of glitter - super sweet!

Is that totally precious - the toothpicks as drumsticks... hehehe!

The party was a great time! Wish I had more shots of that and the finish tree - maybe Shannon will share with us? Has anyone else had a gathering yet for the Holiday Season? Would love to hear about it!


  1. Oh goodness! Those are beautiful! You are very clever. TFS ~Lisa

  2. Cute! I don't really have any crafty friends, sad but true. But I did have fun trimming the tree with my man!


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