Friday, December 18, 2009

Z Mantle...

Can you hear my cute accent with this title??? (this isn't an ad for Z Gallerie or anything) just corny Katy! Any hoo...
I am finally posting pics of the Christmas decorations. It's so hard to get any good shots with all the dreary days and the lovely "day-light" savings time. But here they are. Yes I even took some with the flash. I know! Ridiculous. But I thought if I waited any longer Christmas would be over and what fun would a post about decorations be?? None, I say. So... moving right along. Here is the good ol' mantle.

I love our mantle - the joys of a 1950's ranch home. Dentil molding, lovely crisp white semi gloss, long and lean brick surround. What can I say - I love it! OK now for the decorations upon thee lovely mantle. I found the gold Christmas tree-esque orbs at Target a few years back. But I wanted to mix it up a little bit by adding in some natural materials. So I took my happy little self outside with my clippers and got some pine limbs from the front yard and then snuck down the street to a neighbors house (that's for sale mind you -aka: vacant) and cut some magnolia leaves. This is when I am thankful for darkness @ 5:30 - covert operations!Then cut some Nandina berries and I was ready.

I took 3 sprigs of the Nandini berries and tied them together with floral wire to give a little better punch of color. I love that it's not really red but not orange either. A great splash of color!

Then layered in a few candles that I had on hand for some contrast in texture and color.
Added our JOY stocking holders - I love that Annie, Joe and myself can be expressed with JOY - can I just say it's a perfect expression of my blessed life! And viola - a finished festive mantle!

Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

So... What ya think??? Do you do the natural thing? Do you switch up on your mantle each year? Or do you have your good ol' stand by you love to see? Please share with us any links to your lovely mantles!!

Merry Christmas Y'all!


  1. The little boxwood stars are great. I loved them in my widows in the den and the laundry room. They made a wonderful statement with the little candle lights in the window sills.
    I love the Santa collection, too. I tried the ginger snap cookies. Yummy. Crisp--yet tender and chewy on the inside. They are perfect cookies with hot apple cider.


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