Saturday, December 5, 2009

Craft Show

A few weeks back my friends and I participated in a craft show. Thought I would show you how our table looked at the craft show. We had a nice array of products. Check out those precious hand painted onesies!! Uber cute! That's the freezer paper technique. I "lurve" doing these! Check out how Jessica at How about Orange used the same technique for totes.

Doesn't the Holiday Zucchini bread look great in the jars and you can barely see the Russian Tea Mix hiding there. Great gifts for neighbors, teachers, etc.

Aren't these sweet! They take a little elbow grease but low overhead! It's just a hanger shaped into a star and then boxwood attached with floral wire. A little ribbon at the top and you've got a precious little wreath. I've hung these on the backs of my dining chairs for an added touch to my table scape!

I am loving the Santa pot!! Isn't that adorable! What do you think about the "boo" frames (interchangeable with the "joy"). Great idea right?!?! The plaques turned out cute as well! My friends got a Cricut and have been going to town ever since!

Do you see those sweet little peg families? Wouldn't that make the sweetest gift! You can check them out close and personal over @ Three Queens and a King. I totally think she would sell you some if you're interested!!

Overall I think we did a great job for the craft show. Granted we didn't sell out completely but what's left over will make great gifts!

Score - 2 birds / 1 stone

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