Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Winter Wonderland"

We have an annual Spiced Saturday at my church. This is a time to gather with the other women of the church and get inspired for the upcoming Holiday season. This year they decided to do the "12 tables of Christmas". They got 12 volunteers to decorate a table in a specific theme. Thankfully the theme was up to the volunteer. I chose to go with "Winter Wonderland."

The first thing that popped in my head to go with this theme was a painted tree for my centerpiece. Have you noticed all the silver natural decorations? Like here, here and here.

So out to the yard we went and found a pretty tree and whacked 'er down. I put it in a small bucket with some plaster of Paris for stability. Then the tree and my spray paint bottle got right friendly. Of course the week before Spiced Saturday it rained almost every single night, so the evening before set up I'm outside in the dark painting. So needless to say I touched up the tree with some silver craft paint, which worked just fine! I hung pretty little iridescent ornaments on the tree for some nice detail on the table.

The color scheme was to be white, silver and ice blue. I found a major deal on some nice wide satin ribbon at the good ol' Wally world for $5.00 for 25 yards!! (Comes in multiple colors check out the pink here.) I used this ribbon to make a snowflake of sorts from the center of the table. The tails of the ribbon went through each place setting adding a nice elegant touch. I did a basic white tablecloth for the table. Once the ribbon was down I added a mirror to the center of the table for an icy effect. The bucket was covered with a white cloth and some tulle to add the look of snow. I used my silver chargers, white plates, and glass plates with a winter wonderland scene (thanks to my Aunt the queen of "stuff".)

I liked the idea of doing the napkins in the glasses to add softness and the look of snowflakes.

Then I added different candles all around. Some silver tapers in crystal candle holders, some that look like snowballs (thanks Aunt Mark), and some white pine cone candles.

And the overall effect...
What do you think??


  1. this would be perfect for a winter wedding! great job!!!

  2. I love it. You have such a talent. :)


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