Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First stop

on our tour is the Living Room. As you remember from yesterday, we are celebrating our 10th year in our home. And the transformation tour is beginning in the first room you walk into through the front door. So here's is what we saw the first day we saw this house.


Now I will say that the previous owners style is not mine, but I loved the space. The large front window. The dentil molding on the mantle. It all spoke to me! You can see the green carpet that was there. Thankfully before we moved in we removed all the carpet and refinished all the hardwoods.

And the now...

Now you should know that in the past ten years, this room has been three different colors. What can I say I love paint! The first color was a deep chocolate brown. And then we progressed to a really deep orange, called New Penny. So this is a new thing for us being a light and airy wall color.

So there you have it for the Living Room and it's ten year transformation. What do you think of the before and after? Which room would you like to see next??

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  1. Love it. Now take us where the magic happens. :) The Bedroom!


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