Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It’s the little things…

John & Sherry over at YHL pointed out a few things in their home that make them happy – so it got me to thinkin’ what around our house makes us happy?? So here’s what comes to mind…
1. Our den:
1-26-09 021This is definitely the most used space in our home. This actually used to be our Master Bedroom. My good friend Julie said – “hey why don’t you use this space for your den?” Eureka! I love having two living spaces – it really makes our small ranch home feel bigger.
The Pantry:
DSC_4391 DSC_4392 DSC_4394
In older homes you don’t get those snazzy closet pantries that are in the newer homes. So I decided I would make my own pantry! Our mudroom is right off the kitchen so I turned half of our Cookbook Bookshelf into pantry space. Adding in cool containers from yard sales, IKEA, etc really makes this space cute & functional! But the real bonus is the additional cabinetry space in the kitchen that this frees up! And it’s super easy to take a quick inventory of what we need at the grocery store.
3. Dressing Table
Paula Deen once said - “you’re either a sit-down or stand-up get ready girl.” (She really did say that on CMT Cribs – promise!) Well I’m like Paula and I like to sit down while I get ready. This dressing table was in my room through high school and I used it getting ready for all my hot dates with Joe everyday. Ever since I had often wanted the dressing table back but hadn’t followed through with the idea. But for Christmas last year my Mom surprised me with having it re-finished and brought back to beautiful condition from all the caked on hairspray. (thanks MOM!)
4. Family Photo Gallery
1-31-09 010 1-31-09 0091-31-09 012
I love family photos, especially some fun old ones mixed in! Our small hallway is a great space to highlight these photos. It’s a little unconventional with black walls but I love the high contrast with the photos. It really makes them stand out! Add a little personal touch with writing right on the wall and it really says home to me!
5. Front Porch
6-14-09 014
I really do love our front porch. It’s perfect for morning coffee and a good book or dining al fresco. And it’s the best spot for watching a rain storm. I’ve done some little changes out there that I have to share with you soon!!
So what around your house makes you happy? I think so often we can take for granted the wonderful touches of our homes since we are there everyday. There’s always time for a little gratitude! Share yours with us!


  1. A very welcoming environment. Love the dressing table . . .and the thoughtful mom!

  2. CMT Cribs... I had no idea. :) I guess I am a stand up girl. It is a wonder we get along.


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