Monday, August 23, 2010

Make the blog “yours”

Do you have blog envy??  I know I do!  I look at these amazing designs and hem and haw about should I pay for someone to make my blog pretty???  I am limited when it comes to graphic designing skills.  I would love to have Photoshop and actually know how to use it!  I’ve looked into taking courses and buying the software but I think I would need a part time job to pay for that!  So I have been searching for tutorials on how to make my own blog pretty for FREE.
I found this great tutorial on making your own header, with software I already had!  Sarah at Clover Lane guest posts on Blissfully Domestic and did a post a while back on using Picasa to make your own header.  YEAH!  Finally!  She completely breaks it down for you – super simple! 
As you may have noticed (if you aren’t reading this in Google reader) that I figured it out a while back and used my own photos to create the header for our blog.  I played around with a couple different ideas…
Collages Home Tour_1  

This was before I cropped them and added text.  But the options are limitless!  My mind is spinning with all the different creations I could come up with!!  I worked on one for my good friend Julie for her blog Three Queens and a King.
You have to hop over to her site to see how it all came together!
Along with making a new header I changed the background, text, colors etc.  If you haven’t played with bloggers new layout design, you must!  So many cool background options!! 
I am still wanting to work on the sidebar and figure out how to make the pictures with links so if anyone knows of a good tutorial for that let me know!  But you must go check out Sarah’s tutorial and try it!  And if you don’t have Picasa yet I highly recommend it!  Great tool for editing and sharing your photos as well!
So what do you think of the new design?  Any suggestions?   


  1. Let's talk about the sidebar. What do you want to happen/see there? A photo with a link to somewhere? Have you played with blogspot's design element "add gadget"?

  2. Katy- You're my favorite person in life right now. I'm so glad I read this post. I searched around online for a way to create my own header in blogger one night (I gave it about 15 min. before I gave up) so THANK YOU for the great info.

  3. have you found out how to make the buttons yet? I made a tutorial a while back
    hope this helps!


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