Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Artsy Folk

AAM Sept 2010-3[1]

Last weekend a group of us girls headed up to NoDa for a little afternoon of “Art Shopping.”  This was a really cool way to see all kinds of artist selling their wares.  I would love the opportunity to be a part of this next year – and the cool thing…  booths are on $50 bucks! 

Check out some of the different vendors we saw:


This is a really cool artist that does paintings of Charlotte.  A cool way to experience our Queen City on your walls.  My favorite piece was probably the one of the “Smelly Cat Coffee house.”


A dear friend of ours opened The Smelly Cat years ago before I even lived in Charlotte.  They were some of the first pioneers of the NoDa area.  The painting brought back sweet memories for me!

Then we saw this sweet booth:

IMG_7817 IMG_7818 IMG_7820

Emma’s work was super sweet!  She has filled these lovelies with lavender and other herbs.  She had some uber cute note cards too!  You can check her out via her blog…  www.emmacwallace.wordpress.com   

Check out these artists we saw on Saturday as well:

Studio – e     intenyears
olive o. home     Jeva Art
Papyrus Passions     Howelling Moon Artworks

Don’t ya just love some fun arts & crafts!!  Well if you’re in Greenville this weekend you should totally check out the Indi Craft Parade @ Highland Mill.  Looks like a great time with all kinds of fun artists!  I really wish I was in Greenville this Saturday!

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