Saturday, September 18, 2010

Celebration Weekend

This weekend we are celebrating our 12th year of marriage!  It’s crazy to think about, really.  12 years – are you sure!?!?  I feel like we’re still those crazy kids that fell in love in high school – dorky and silly.  Oh wait we are!
We’ve got plans this weekend to have dinner with some great friends of ours at a new restaurant in town, 15 North Roadside.  The owners of this restaurant have a similar concept in Charleston 17 North Roadside.  So here’s hoping that it will be yummy.
Then tomorrow we are going to see…
I am SO excited!!  Anyone that knows me – knows I love a musical!  And believe it or not Joe is a fan as well!  I’ll let you know how it is!
What do you have on tap for this lovely weekend??
Oh and on the subject of loving my honey…  Check out this Warren Barfield song.  It truly speaks to nature of marriage – it’s good stuff.  Oh and then I am also diggin’ this ditty by Sugarland.   Happy Weekend Y’all!!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary you guys!!! I cannot believe it was 12 years ago in the Grove :O) Sweet memories!


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