Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back @ Shannon’s

Our next stop at Shannon’s house is going to be the kitchen and dining room. 

So…  the kitchen shall we say is spacially challenged, i.e. small.  But Shannon saw these challenges and said “I’ll show you, Mr. Kitchen!”  The refrigerator was located on the wall that backs up to the dining room – the main entry into the space.  So as you walked into the space it felt like the fridge was on top of you!  Then the oven was on the opposite wall leaving all kinds of un-used space on either side?!?! 

Design dilemma solved!

Shannon had them flip flop the appliances so it is so much more welcoming when you walk in the kitchen!  MUCHO BETTER-O!  She also had them switch some cabinetry around.  She took the large cabinet that set right beside the sink feeling like it was all up in your grill.  So she moved that over the oven in it’s new home.  Put the short little cabinet way up top beside the sink and added some shelving for plates and glasses. 

Ok – that’s a lot of words let’s just get on to the pictures:

P7080054[1] P7080057[1]


Now for the much better space planned kitchen:


 DSC_4680 DSC_4695

Ahhh…  Fresh and bright!  Look at how she has maximized every inch of this space!  She found the cart with a marble top that fit perfectly in the space that for some reason didn’t have any cabinetry?!?!  This is a small kitchen but she can do some mean cooking in here!!  Remember our yummy dinner we had?

Now to the dining room…


P7020005[1] And the NOW:



I love her mixture of clean modern pieces with the painted table.  The table and chairs were actually a piece she grew up with!  I love re-purposing pieces with memories!  She painted a grayish blue below the chair rail.  And check out the BEAUTIFUL light fixture she added.  (I have just a little light envy but with counseling I’m working through it – and she’s also left it to me in the will.)

Check out the details:


 DSC_4798 DSC_4799 DSC_4801 




Aren’t you loving Shannon’s house so far!!  I told y’all she’s talented!!  Stay tuned for the next installment!


  1. I'm wondering what went where the refrigerator was? Did she switch out the two cabinets?

  2. Super cute. no doubt in my mind you both had a blast watching this transformation occur! Can't wait to do the same!

  3. Connie - she did switch out 2 different cabinets. Totally helped with the feel of the space!!

    I can't wait to help with a transformation for you too Ms Liz!!

  4. Wow this looks so awesome!! I'm amazed!!

  5. I'm surprised she doesn't do this for a living.


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