Sunday, September 26, 2010

the Versatile Blogger

Versatile Blogger[1]
Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you your award
So a BIG thank you goes to for giving me a little shout out for Versatile Blogger!  Super sweet, right!  Connie is Shannon’s stepmom and has been blogging for years.  She’s an old pro!  I love her fun banter, enlightening thoughts, and all over creativity!  You gotta go check her out!
Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself.
1.  I love cars.  I love the details of cars.  I can normally tell you what make and model a car is from about 100 yards away.  I can normally tell what kind of car it is just from the quarter panel.  Joe and I actually play this game while driving down the road.  Oh and I can I mention that I normally win. 
2.  I like to add ketchup to my leftover spaghetti.  Joe finds this very weird / disguisting but it adds a little sweetness and sauciness. 
3.  I love to sing. I have a degree in voice performance but the only place I use my skillz is in our Praise Team at church.
4.  My PJ’s are my best friend.  If I am home for any amount of time I change into my pj’s.  Even if I know I’m going back out in less than 2 hours, I still put on my comfy’s.
5.  One of my all time favorite TV shows is Murder She Wrote – I love me some Jessica Fletcher!  She was solving crimes way before Grissom even liked bugs.
6.  Everyone has that one thing they’re afraid of…  frogs, snakes, etc.  My nemesis is the cockroach.  At age 16, I was stuck on a boat filled with roaches.  At age 21, I woke up to a palmetto bug (aka ROACH) crawling across my cheek.  It’s not good people!  Now my current place of work has those nasty creatures roaming around.  A few weeks ago during our Monday morning meeting one fell on the conference table right by my spot.  NASTY!!!!! 
7.  I’ve taken Spanish, German and French and can’t speak any of them very well.
Rule #3: Pass the award onto 7 bloggers whom you have recently discovered, and who you think are fantastic!
1.  2 Down the Lane 
2.  Ramblings  
3.  C & C Marriage Factory
4.  Honey Were Home
5.  From Aisle to Aloha
6.  The Bee Charmer
7.  The Country Chic Cottage
Please go check out these great blogs.  I love discovering new blogs to follow!  Have you found any blogs that are worth sharing??  I would love to know about them!
Oh and thanks again Connie!!


  1. Thank you Miss Katy!! I laughed when I saw that you add ketchup to leftover spaghetti, my mom does the exact same thing! I hate palmetto bugs/roaches, I had once crawl across the back of my chair at some bar in Charleston and it creeped me out in a major way!!! I love that you change into your PJ's even if you're only going to be home for a little while!!

  2. Memories of PJ parties, singing in the kitchen and always attempting to talk another language really loudly are my favorites! I love you!

  3. Thanks so much! I will write up my post soon. I also hate roaches but in DC we get a lot of centipedes and I absolutely detest them!

  4. Thanks a bunch, baby doll. You are the best in the whole wide world. Do you know where you got the car thingy? Granddaddy & me. I love you with all of my heart.....MOM


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