Friday, September 17, 2010

Swinging back by Shannon’s

Ok kids, this is our last stop at Shannon’s.  I know you’ve loved checking out her living room, dining and kitchen so far.  Today we’re moving into the back of the house.  We’ll be checking out the Master Bedroom, Craft Room and Bathroom.  And we’re off…
Master Bedroom Before:
For a smaller home the master bedroom is nice and roomy.  Ok enough suspense let’s check out what’s she’s done with it…
Shannon painted the walls a soft pink and hung black and white damask window treatments nice and high.  Keeping the bedding white creates a nice crisp feel in the room.  I’m in love with the Cherry Blossom artwork above the headboard.  And of course the bubble lamps are super cool as well.
The space allowed her to work in a seating area at the end of the bed with two black slipper chairs.  A great spot for a cup of tea and a book!
And now the details:
DSC_4720 DSC_4725 
Bathroom Before:
Just your plain jane ol’ bathroom and then…
Dramatic turquoise wall color, light airy shower curtain, original artwork =  Lover-ly
Craft Room Before:
And for the now:
P8090115[1] P8090114[1]
P8090117[1] A soft green on the walls creates a great environment for painting, crafting and working on the computer.  What a great way to display your crafting tools!  This room is full of “creative” opportunities!!
The details:
 DSC_4747DSC_4734  DSC_4748 DSC_4750 DSC_4756DSC_4751 
Amazing space!  Just being in here I want to make something!
A BIG thank you to Shannon for opening up her house for us to see.  She’s an amazing designer as you have been able to see.  I’m sure if you have any questions she would be happy to answer! 
So what was your favorite space in her house?


  1. I love the cherry blossom artwork! Can Shannon share where she got that from by any chance?

  2. CRAFT ROOM Fav! But love the painting in the bathroom as well!!

  3. Cherry Blossom came from Storehouse- no longer with us but its contents will be remembered fondly :O)

  4. Shannon is the cat's meow. That's what i think.

  5. I have really enjoyed getting to peek into Shannon's house! I think that the space really reflects her...I too relish my Storehouse pieces and think of good times with you girlies when I look at them! Love to you! Courtney


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