Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blair-ing Gold

One of the current projects I am working on is a client’s dining room.  We have already selected the new wall color and it’s already done!  We chose Blair Gold by Benjamin Moore.  Here’s a gander:

So we headed over to Crate and Barrel to shop for NEW furniture – oh how I love some C&B!  We definitely hit jackpot!  We knocked out table, chairs, buffet and rug all in one fell swoop!
For some reason I am not able to get the image of the rug on the mood board. We’ve selected this gorgeous rug :
And here’s the mood board to show where we’re headed…
We still need to select a new light fixture but we’re getting close to installation time!!  I am hoping we can get this finished by Thanksgiving?!?! 
Do have any major changes you are trying to get done before the holidays?


  1. Painting the kitchen at the House, and 2 baby blankets that I thought would be simple but are not, and my Europe scrapbook. I think that is enough to do between now and Thanksgiving don't you!

  2. Ps Love the look of the clients place!

  3. Really wanting to work on rearranging my art/sunroom. It's long and narrow with a ton of windows, which is great, but I tend to keep everything low because of the windows. I'm getting tired of the line-up. I came home inspired after visiting Shannon and have already made positive changes in the LR:)

    What a great target for your client -- Thanksgiving in the new space. Like where you're going with it.


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