Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dreaming of a Silver & Gold Christmas

I know you must think I’m crazy to be talking about Christmas when we haven’t even made it to Halloween.  But I’m girl who loves a plan.  You might remember my plan for Thanksgiving.  Well now my brain is on to Christmas. (This week marked the 2 month countdown.) 

So last week Crate & Barrel must have Christmas on their mind too – did you get your catalog yet?  It totally inspired me!  These were my favorite images:

Fullscreen capture 10272010 60704 PM.bmp

Now I realize that I also love the whole mono-chromatic feel of this space, which I don’t have but I think I could immolate pretty simply by playing up the golds and bronzes that I already have in the space.

Fullscreen capture 10272010 60819 PM.bmpLoving these stockings!  They’re $20 which isn’t too bad for C&B.  We’ve had the same stockings for 10 years and they were from the Dollar Store, so it may be time to upgrade!  I love the pearl detail and the striped silk. 


I really like the silver wreath over the mantle as well.  I found a very similar option at Homegoods for $30.00 which is $10 less than C&B.


What a great combination of glass objects.  I must remember to pull out my different vases and hurricanes to work with this year.

Fullscreen capture 10272010 61358 PM.bmp

I already have a good bit of silver and good ornaments.  But when scanning through the C&B site I found some more ornaments that I might “need.”

VintageGlitterDsnBallS6F9[1]LaserCutSnowflakeAstS4F10[1] TinselBallSilverAstdS4F10[1] AntiqGlsMetallicSlvrFinlF10[1]




Well that’s the direction I’m headed for Christmas decor this year.  I really want to try and break out of my box this year and look at my Christmas decor with new eyes.  Do y’all ever get in the “same-ol” grove?  What are planning on doing this year – red & green / turquoise & silver?  Ooh maybe black and white??  Do tell!


  1. Hi Katy!

    I love your ideas for a sparkly Christmas. I found a special treasure for you to use at a tag sale :) Will you be at Brookgreen for the Saturday Thanksgiving party?? I will bring it to you then, or I can take it to Madelyn and she can give it to you. ~ Blessings, Kathleen

  2. You are too sweet!! Thanks. I'm not sure what that weekend will hold - hopefully we'll get to see you!

  3. Something funky! By myself hopefully I will be in Muesum by then! Fingers crossed.. you know me the teal and silver sounds fantastic!


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