Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning for Turkey

In case you didn't get to hop over to Country Chic Cottage when I guest blogged last week, I thought I would share my thoughts for our Thanksgiving tablescape here as well.

For my plan this year I thought I would start with a fairly neutral slate – a taupe tablecloth:
12-8-09 001
12-8-09 004
To add some different texture I pulled out one of my scarves and used it as a table runner.  This is a great way to make use of different items and give them a dual purpose.  So don’t just go to your linen closet when decorating your table make sure to check in your closet, your scrap fabrics, etc. 
12-8-09 005 12-8-09 007
For the center of the table, I added one of my bamboo placements for the base.  This creates a stronger statement and will give your eye a break from the runner and the actual centerpiece.  The vase I am using has some nice size but doesn’t have a lot of visual volume.  I added some artificial leaves that adds color and texture.  You could definitely use real leaves but I am placing an orange pillar candle in the center so I thought it would be safer with the artificial leaves.  This also allowed me the opportunity to add some height under the pillar candle so it would sit up nice and tall.  Beside the center vase, I placed two votive holders that have a leaf motif, these normally live in the den (don’t forget to “shop” the whole house for items to use!)
12-8-09 009 12-8-09 010
So it’s coming together right?  And we’ve spend $0.00 so far!  YIPPEE!
Okay – on to the place setting.  I LOVE white dishes!  Why, you ask.  Because they go with everything – every season – every decor.  So I knew I would be using our simple white plates but wanted to add a little drama and contrast with the napkins.  Enter lovely chocolate brown:
12-8-09 032 12-8-09 034
I took the extra time to iron these bessies’  it’s totally worth it for the finished look.  Oh and here’s a tip:
** spritz your linen / cotton napkins with water so they are moist – put in plastic grocery bag and put in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.  Use a nice hot iron and you’ll have beautifully ironed napkins**
Ok back to our regularly scheduled program:  I wanted to be a little creative with my napkin rings and to play off the whole “thankful” theme. I wrote different things that I am thankful for:  “faith, family, friends, dessert.”  You get the idea.  I used some sale tags that I happen to have in the craft drawer. Of course you could also use this same concept for place cards as well.  Super simple & super cute!
12-8-09 017  Add in our glassware and silver and we officially have a dressed table!
12-8-09 030
So what do you think?  Do you have a plan yet for your Thanksgiving table?  Are you hosting or will you be going to someone else’s home??


  1. Your table looks great. I love the little lantern candle holders!

    We have yet to host Thanksgiving. We keep wanting to but we always have a big house project that gets in the way. Hopefully, next year!


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