Saturday, October 30, 2010

Slowly but surely

We are checking off our Priority List.  Do you remember the issues we were struggling with?  Here they are again:

Mattress                            Front yard landscaping
Dining Room Re-do Re-upholster Chairs in Liv Rm
Replace remaining 4 windows Freezer

So since that post at the beginning of October:

1.   We have ordered the windows and they should be installed in the next couple weeks. 

2.  I’ve got the fabrics for the re-upholstering the chairs.  I have also selected the upholsterer and I will let you know how that goes!  Fingers crossed!!

3.  We have planted grass in the front yard and hoping the rain will bring sweet little green blades coming up from all that dirt!  We’ve decided to hold off on the mulch until the leaves have all fallen.

So 50/50 isn’t too bad for one month.  Or maybe it is.  Not real sure.  Funny how I felt like our 1st priority (the mattress) is still not checked off.  So I guess November will be the month for the other half.  Oh and by the way - thanks for all your comments and suggestions on what to tackle first.

What are you working on?  Are you trying to tackle any projects before the Holidays?


  1. Yep-we sure are, and have just hired a contractor for our barn addition. It will be a 2 car garage addition onto our barn (detached from our house). On the back of the barn will be a lean-to for our bigger animals (aka Llamas, and steer cows). In addition to this we will also be getting a closed in chicken coop for our free range, egg laying girls...with extended roofing, etc.. to make life a bit better for them instead of their current "coop" will be great, and LOOk a LOT better. Love upgrades!!!
    Hunter D. (Shenandoah Valley, VA)

  2. According to a list of when to buy what, May is supposed to be the best time to buy a mattress. Apparently new styles, etc., come in then and retailers are more apt to have good deals on prices.

  3. I am almost finished with my Europe Scrap book, which means it is time to travel again! Good grief I wish for some place that I could travel more often! Anyway somehow forgot to print out Germany pictures so they are in processing and then we will be golden!


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