Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Well its officially Christmas shopping time.  Our family is all about “Christmas Wish Lists.”  We provide a list for each person in the family so we can make sure we're getting you what you want!  I love this concept – although some of my friends think we’re crazy!  “Where’s the surprise?” they say.  I say, “Yay lookie what I got that I wanted but wouldn’t get for myself!”  It’s a win-win for everyone!  So here’s a little compilation of goodies calling my name:

WHITE_180x180_2[1] My ALL TIME favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas.  Yes it’s “old” but I love it.  It’s a wonderful combination of musical, comedy, love story, 50’s glamour – what more could you ask for?  Well… it’s coming to Charlotte in December and I REALLY want to go!  Do you think it would be acceptable to sing along in the theater?  Just checking.

MM_GER_SoapHandRefill_WebL[1]  Silly to say about hands soap but it automatically puts a smile on my face when I use it.  It’s just something about the geranium scent that is so refreshing!!

51flOSdcMqL._AA115_[1] I know this is going to totally freak some people out but we haven’t watched glee yet.  And I have to say that I am dying to do so!  I don’t know that I need to own this but just the opportunity rent it would good!

812Te90jqML._SL1500_[1] Pioneer Woman have talked about these multiple times (like here and she gave away a pair here.)  Aren’t they the perfect combination of cowgirl – chic!  These are way out of my budget but what would a “wish list” be without some out of reach items?!?!

41cxHudU6dL._SL500_AA300_[1] I can’t believe that I haven’t gotten this yet!  This would be a perfect stocking stuffer.


Uber cute monogram candles.  Candles are such a treat for me.  I love them but very rarely will spend any more on them.  And you really do get what you pay for with candles.  I’m learning about that with lotion too.



This bessie is pret-ty cool!  It’s a heart rate monitor but also a GPS unit that tracks your pace and course.  You can tell what pace you would like to keep (10 minute mile etc) and it tells you to speed up or slow down.  But it has a steep price tag! $350.00 So since I’m not a marathon runner I think I would be fine with this one.



51yEINA3k1L._AA160_[1]Real Simple is one of my all time favorite magazines.  It’s got a little bit of it all – organizing, cooking, decor, fashion.  Joe actually surprised me a couple weeks ago with one from the grocery store – he had a coupon – SCORE!


Now this is probably # 1 on my wish list!  I REALLY would love to have this bessie!  I was actually able to play with it over Thanksgiving – a friend has this exact lens that he uses on his D4000.  It’s super quiet – does awesome in low light situations – and the bokeh is good!  Honey, are you there?  Can you hear me??  I promise I’ve been a good girl this year!

So what’s on your

Wish List


  1. I can so see you in those boots. Never seen White Christmas. Will have to look into that.

  2. I hope Santa is listening to you and brings you the 35mm. I have a 50 which I love but I want the 35 too!


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