Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkins Galore

My sweet husband went to the market and brought me home a whole crate of pumpkins!
He got all kinds: spotted pumpkins, gourds and small pumpkins.  So I have put them all over the house, inside and out!
Mr. Weird Spotty Pumpkin is sitting outside to greet visitors.  Isn’t it cute how his spots make eyes and a nose!
A few baby ones on a tray in the living room
Three mini's set on a platter
And on the dining room table I used a tray and put my jade plant in the center and then surrounded it with all kinds!
Don’t you just love decorating with nature!  I’m so glad that this decor will move right into Thanksgiving mode too!!


  1. This is awesome! Good Looking Out Joey! Save that crate woman- how rockin cool is it??


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