Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Falling fast

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving will be here on Thursday and “Fall” will be on it’s way out and Winter on it’s way in.  In honor of the loveliness that Fall is, I thought I would share a few shots of the beauty we’ve seen.  Enjoy!
DSC_5203  DSC_5253a
DSC_5260 DSC_5264
So thankful for what God has given us and SO looking forward to Christmas as well!!  I’m already working on my “Wish List” for Christmas!  I’m sure you will want to stay tuned, so you’ll know what to get me.


  1. HAHA I know what you are getting these cool little "coal gift boxes" that i found in the oriental trading magazine today. How sad is that that people buy fake coal for people anyway.. I might work on something better for you. :-P we will see! Love you!

  2. Love your new header and these lovely photographs! Youre so "talentive"! ;O)

  3. Too cute and I love the new header. Life is zipping by my dear. Wait until you are 59. How old will I be? 84, oh my goodness.

  4. The colors, the textures. Oh my. I love it all. Hope you have a glorious and happy T-day. We will raise a glass and toast your beautiful sensibilities.


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