Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ready to run…

This past weekend I attempted a 5k – the Dowd YMCA 5k to be exact.  I have been working up to 3 miles for about 2 months now and can officially run the whole thing without stopping.  A success in my eyes!  A friend at work volunteered to run it with me so it was great to have a cohort there! 
And the results:
Fullscreen capture 1182010 95025 PM.bmp
Not too bad for my first race in 15+ years.  I haven’t really run since high school.  I was on the cross-country team and the track team. I was much better at cross-country than track – I didn’t like running circles!  My brother and I were actually voted “Most Improved” the first year we ran (my freshman yr and his junior).  So I have to say it feels good to get back out on the road and pound the payment.  I am just praying this ol’ body of mine will be able to keep it up!
And since I love photos in a blog post, I thought I’d share some shots from high school running.  I know you enjoyed seeing all those “blasts from the past” of me and Joe!  So here we go…
DSC_5180 DSC_5181  DSC_5183 DSC_5184
Do you laugh when you look back at yourself?  And why didn’t anyone tell me I had mushroom hair?  Oh wait – I’m pretty sure Joe did tell me that – and he got the silent treatment for at least a day! 
I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.  Hopefully I can shave some time off my mile!  My next long term goal is to train for a 10k – I want to run the Cooper Bridge Run in April!!  Anyone else out there running?   Or are you a speed walker?  Biker?  Do tell…


  1. So proud of you! There's nothing better than a good run. I looked out my window yesterday morning and saw a young woman running with her dog. It made me miss it so much. Maybe you are just the inspiration I needed!

  2. Katy - I want to be a runner also. Abby and I did the turkey trot and it has me itching to do more. So proud of you.


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