Friday, June 24, 2011

Cooking with Gas

We have been in DESPERATE need for a new grill.  Our existing grill was a present for Joe’s 30th birthday. (he’s turning 37 in a month!)  So 7 years for a grill to last is pretty good.  Well truth be told we haven’t been able to use the grill for while.  Why, you ask?  Because it looks like this!


Doesn’t look too bad on the outside!  But the insides – not so much!  Check out that rust.  UGH!


We had been talking about getting a new grill all spring.  But we just couldn’t seem to get to the store to actually purchase it.  So on Sunday afternoon, we hopped in the car to run some errands.  We had 3 stops to make.  Shop for a mattress – yes we STILL haven’t purchased a mattress.  More on that later.  Go try out some bicycles – potential birthday presents for each other.  And head to the Home Improvement store for a grill.

So our first stop was to Home Depot and we can upon this grill.  It was in the budget – good sized and was in stock.  So we said “we’ll take it!”  BUT when we went outside to pick out which one we wanted; they all looked junky.  Already rusted in spots – dings in the cover.  I didn’t want to start out with rust.  So I walked back inside and returned the grill before we even took it anywhere.

So next stop was Lowes.  I was determined to get a grill!  We found a Char-Broil that looked pretty swanky!  So we pulled the trigger on that one.  Well out to the car we went.  Joe and I both felt extremely confident that it would fit in the back of his SUV.  We were both extremely WRONG!  And of course by this time it was 5:55 on Sunday and they were closing @ 6 pm.  So our plan was to come back on Monday and rent the “Lowes” truck.

So Joe headed back on Monday to rent the truck.  BUT he didn’t have his updated insurance card!  URGH!!  Was this grill thing supposed to happen or WHAT!?!  Thankfully a friend at work let me borrow his truck and I got that bessie home.  She looks so pretty in her new home.




Joe made some yummy Bison burgers for our inaugural grill off!  And so much faster than waiting on the charcoal like we had been doing.  I am so thankful to have a gas grill again!!  I seem to eat so much healthier when I grill. 

Have you had any challenging purchases recently?  Are you making the most of the grilling season?  Any recipes you would care to share??

And I just have one more thing to share with you guys…  Annie was looking super cute hanging with me on the deck as I was taking pictures.  So she had to pose for a shot too!


What a cutie pa tootie!

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  1. Nothing like a brand new grill.... enjoy the yummy meals!


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