Monday, June 6, 2011

Client Project

I have a client that is wanting to update their family room.  They recently purchased a new sofa, loveseat and ottoman / coffee table.  Here’s where we are starting:



They were completely open to color scheme and we have a fairly neutral palate to start from.  I always like to give my clients options, normally three different directions they can take.  Each plan is “good design” but one color scheme may speak more than the next.  The plan is to paint the walls and add color through accessories, artworks and drapes.  On the fireplace wall, we are removing the brass fireplace screen and working on the mantle.  We’ll be adding drapes to the windows.  This will add visual height to the room along with softness!  So on to the design presentation!

Here are the three options I presented:

Option A:

Jackson III

Option B:
Jackson II
Option C:
Jackson I

So…  do you have a favorite??
They chose option C!  She loved the pop of red and I think it will be perfect!  The deep chocolate brown window treatments will add a bit of drama that the space can definitely handle!
Hopefully we’ll have some “After” pictures soon to share as well!  Have you been working on any plans for a future project?
Oh, and by the way I use Polyvore for making my design boards – it’s a great site.  If you haven’t checked it out yet – do so!!

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  1. I reLly like c also but love those tree prints in b. Can't wait to see the after.


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