Thursday, June 16, 2011


Do you speak in acronyms?  BTW – LOL – BRB – BFF – TTFN.  Well maybe everyone doesn’t say “ta ta for now” like I do.  But when I saw this tweet last week from a new furniture store in Southend, High Cotton Home Co…

Calling all #CLT home and lifestyle bloggers! It's time to meet IRL! Join us on June 15: #clthomemeetup

…I decided I needed to check this out.  How cool to finally meet some Charlotte peeps I n    R eal L ife!  So I headed over to High Cotton. This is a new furniture store for Rodney Hines, but it’s not his first rodeo.  Rodney has been in the furniture industry for years.  I remember going to his first shop years ago when I worked for a design firm. He has always had a passion for providing beautiful things at beautiful prices!  (that means a super deal, people!)  Rodney has another shop in Southend as well, The Furniture Connector

I’m so excited about this event I can’t decide what to talk about first the great people or the great furnishings?!?!  Well let’s meet Rodney:


Here we are hanging out by some beautiful fabrics.  Rodney is SUPER sweet guy – makes you feel so welcomed!  He was the perfect host!


I got to meet some fellow tweeters.  Above is Todd aka GreenMarketGuy (on the left) and Andy @ Tack Charlotte Upholstery (blue t-shirt).  I didn’t get an opportunity to meet the lovely ladies on their right.


Here you see Rodney again with Rachel @iftheshoefits and Nicole with Yelp


You may recognize these peeps…  Yep that’s Ms Emily Clark  of Emily A Clark Designs. Sweet as a glass of Southern sweet tea! Emily has blown up in the blog world (for good reason!) and has so many great ideas! 

And the GW of thrifting – Mr Goodwill Hunting aka Rashon.  Don’t you love his “i ♥ thirfting” T'!  It’s a revolution.  You must check it out!!  RIGHT HERE!  And there’s going to be a BIG event on July 9th – that’s going to be WORLDWIDE – all thanks to Mr G-Dub!  Oh and you can get your own snazzy T right here.


We were also hanging with Ms Kim of Super Chyc – a super sweet chicky that loves to blog about thirfting, fashion, and much more!


Rodney had a little door prize action going on as well.  Melissa was the lucky winner of a gorgeous silver tray.  Nice, right!  Speaking of gorgeous…  let’s take a little time to look around this store!

DSC_7412   DSC_7417DSC_7419  DSC_7427 DSC_7424   DSC_7421     DSC_7429

AHH-mazing, right!  You must go over and really check this place out!  Rodney is stocking Vanguard Furniture (made in Hickory NC – yay for local!!) found pieces from flea markets, awesome accessories, uber cool lighting and the list goes on!

And to top off a super-fabulous evening we didn’t leave empty handed!  Yes that’s right – swag people!  Some goodies from Vanguard and a BEE-utiful pillow…

DSC_7452    DSC_7443DSC_7458     DSC_7460

So cool, right!  It’s perfect in the living room.  Thanks again Rodney!!

High Cotton Home Co. is right across the street from Atherton Mill on South Blvd.  So make a afternoon of it…  Hop into High Cotton and take a nice long stroll around – there’s lots to look at!  Then walk over to Bead Me by Linda Minor for some handmade jewelry and then end the evening with a nice bottle of wine from The Vin Master.  So fun exploring new spots!

There were other Charlotte tweeters / bloggers I didn’t get photos of (maybe cause they were hiding from the camera!) or I didn’t get an opportunity to meet…  @havencharlotte @caitlinkaestner @vanguardfurn @moondoonie  @goodwillsp

I had so much fun and was so happy to meet some fellow Charlotte bloggers and tweeters.  I would love to meet some more!  There’s talk that this won’t be the last #clthomemeetup – bring it on!

T T F N!

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