Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Food Truckin’

I don’t know about in your area but the Food Trucks are in high demand around the Charlotte area.  If you haven’t experienced this whole mobile eatery phenomena, let me break it down for ya!  It’s a restaurant on wheels. Yeah, it’s that simple.  There are lots of different trucks in the Charlotte area.  There’s a wing truck, a pizza truck, a cupcake truck, a local / organic truck and the list goes on!!

There’s even a weekly gathering of all the trucks in Uptown.


So far we’ve only been to Chowdown once and the food was GONE! That was the first week of the event and I couldn’t make it till later in the evening.  I think they’ve done better planning as well and prepared for the multitudes to get their eat on.  SO…  I’ve been on a mission to find the trucks at other times!  Cause you know I like to try new things!

So first truck we found = Harvest Moon Grill

They had two options that day we found them on Camden & Park. 

Option 1:  Cucumber Tomato & Bacon Sandwich with a bulgur salad

Option 2:  Barbeque Pulled Pork with green salad and peach vinegarette


I went with option A.  That sandwich was STUPENDOUS!  The bread was grilled and nice and crunchy.  I do believe there *may* have been some butter on there!  The proportions of cucumber, bacon and tomato were perfect.  A good sandwich is all about proportions.  I believe in sandwich artists and the good man in the Harvest Moon Cart is an ARE-TEAST!

We headed back to the same spot on a Friday and The Roaming Fork was parked and serving up some tasty treats!  They had multiple options – I don’t know if I even remember them all.  I do know there was:

Option 1:  Blackened Fish Tacos with chips

Options 2:  Pulled BBQ Pork with mixed greens in Balsamic Vinaigrette


And this time I went with the BBQ pork.  It actually came as a sandwich but I was trying to watch my carb intake.  You didn’t need the bun.  Really I think it might be better without the bun – you could really appreciate the nice flavor of the rub on the pork.  There were little nuggets of goodness in there – the charred edges where you could tell the grill had left it’s mark! 

I look forward to getting back Uptown for Chowdown Uptown soon!  There’s Philly steaks to try, cupcakes to partake in, and pizza to munch on!

Have you had any foodtruck treats?  Wanna plan a meeting @ the next Chowdown??


  1. I have got to move to Charlotte!


  2. I work Uptown and have never heard about this. Me and the kiddo will be up there next week, for sure!


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