Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharing the dirt…

I don’t know if this is happening in your area but around these parts we are seeing more and more community gardens.  I love the idea of this.  Sharing the earth with your fellow neighbors – it’s good stuff, right!   It also is a lovely thing because we have so many big trees in our yard that we don’t get enough sun to produce the produce.  Did you read that right? Ok good. 


Our neighborhood has just recently opened a Community Garden.  Joe and I were super excited to get a plot!  So when I went to investigate – I found out all the plots were spoken for already!  Sad day.  But not for long.  I received a phone call from one of the people involved with the garden and she said there was a little different opportunity available.


The garden is right across from the Elementary school and the children have plots that they work on.  But when school is out for the summer the children won’t be there to work the land and if left all summer it will just be full of weeds! Dun dun de dah! (to the tune of the “day saving super hero song”.)  In step Joe and Katy to the rescue!  Well maybe it’s not the quite that dramatic but hey we’re going to love on the land and hopefully enjoy some fruit from our labor.

So our little plot of land looked like this when we started. 


We had a good bit of weeding to do…  but after a good bit of back breaking work we had a beautiful plot to plant our tomatoes in.  They provide compost, mulch and water all for a VERY small fee each year.  It’s a really good bargain


And after a couple of weeks here’s how they are looking today:


The other really cool part about a Community Garden is you can check out all the other plots and see how they’re doing…

IMAG0472      IMAG0473


We even have a little sitting area – how cute is that!!


So…  do you have a garden in your neighborhood or in the backyard?  What are you growing?  Any good tips for an un-experienced green thumb?

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